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Feast & Mishti has built a strong reputation for being the ultimate place for Indian and Bangladeshi buffet in Whitechapel. With swooping prices, soothing décor and scrumptious dishes, we can cater to any culinary dream of the fabulous sub-continent that we represent.

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TV ONE UK featured the culinary delights of our fabulous kitchen, discussing the love we have received from customers. From stunning curries, kebabs, rice and tandooris, to beloved nostalgic biryanis, fish and bhorta, we have it all!

We can confidently say that, in the entire area of Bangla Town, Aldgate and Tower Hamlet, Feast & Mishti is the best halal restaurant in East London. And that’s not even mentioning our amazing takeaway menus!

Feast & Mishti is owned by a family of foodies, all of whom are incredibly passionate about food and service. Check out everything from stunning Bangladeshi River Fish Dishes like Rui Maas Bhuna to our extensive Vegetarian Dishes like Chana Masala and Dal Mixed Vegetable.

We have combined the two things Bangladesh is famous for - FOOD and SPORTS! Check out the amazing reviews we received from two of the finest sports stars from our beloved homeland – Athar Ali Khan and Habibul Bashar! Feast & Mishti is a massive cricket fan, too!

We celebrate Eid-ul-Adha with all the love and respect we have for the bonds that tie us together, and that includes our beloved customers! Watch as we celebrate the holy month of Ramadan in the best way we know – Feast & Mishti style!

Food from the Indian sub-continent is famous because of two factors: the incredible range of flavours, and the wide array of spices used here, making it possible to create something new every day! Bangladesh cuisine is especially great for this because every bite is made with all the love and respect that such rich traditions merit.