Best Halal Bangladeshi Buffet Restaurant & Takeaway in East London

Local Bangladeshi Buffet Restaurant in Whitechapel, East London E1, serving near City of London, Bangla Town, Aldgate and Tower Hamlet.

Located at the heart of East London in Whitechapel, Feast & Mishti has established a reputation for being a restaurant that consistently wins the hearts of locals and tourists alike for our halal, authentic and generous Bangladeshi buffet. Prime Bangladeshi mains like Kachchi Biriyani, Shatkora Bhuna, Ruhi curry, Shutki, ranges of Bhorta - there is an array of dishes that can only be found here.
Our menus consist of the best delicious, mouth-watering Indian and Bangladesh cuisine to be found in Bangla Town, Aldgate and Tower Hamlet! An assortment of Bangladeshi Mishty like Doodh Chomchom and Gulab Jamun are also available to satisfy your sweet tooth.
You can even check out our amazing takeaway menus, designed to give you the perfect trip down memory lane, right from the comfort of your couch! Whether it is light snacks or a dinner party, Feast & Mishti has it all. So, grab your friends, grab your family and head on over to us, and let us serve you food the way it was meant to be present – with tremendous love, and with the ancient traditions of Bangladesh.

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Please call for party booking or birthday, wedding including any family event. We are 180 seater restaurant with 4 section & 2 private room ( 30 & 45 seat)


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Home of Food Lovers

We believe in paying attention to DETAIL, which is why our food is made from only the freshest fruits, vegetables and meats, all cooked with the most authentic, flavoursome spices. Our chefs have trained for years to become the masters of the culinary arts that they are today, and can give you the taste of HOME, right from your seat!

Browse through our menu for mouth-watering takeaway options, or visit our warm premises with rich, comforting décor, for a meal cooked from the heart, all while being tended by our friendly wait staff.

We have entertained food bloggers, Bangladeshi cricket stars, been featured on the news, and have been applauded for having a perfect score on the Food Hygiene. This is because, above all else, we value the health of our beloved customers, and believe in serving you only the best of the best. Even our reviews reflect that! One satisfied customer on TripAdvisor even called our service “immaculate”, saying that they “cannot commend the staff enough, and will surely be returning”! What a review!

The Ultimate Culinary Experience

Always swarmed by food-loving, eager students and families who adore Indian food, the restaurant is open from breakfast through dinner. Not much concerned about luxurious interior, we are packed with people devouring delicious Bangladeshi food. We ensure that every bite is flawless, and every moment you spend with the food here at Feast & Mishti is a joyful surprise to your senses.

We here at Feast & Mishti have something for everyone, because we believe in the amazing power of food bringing unity and harmony to people from all over the world! And we ourselves know how much love and care goes into the preparation of a picture-perfect dish. That is why our chefs, skilled as they are, maintain perfect hygiene standards and will ensure that every meal you have with us, whether it’s takeaway or a full-fledged dinner, is a delight and a taste that you will have coming back again, and again – and again!

We are THE place to go to when you’re looking for the absolute best places to eat in Whitechapel, and we can guarantee: you will leave with a smile, a full heart and a meal to remember!